All of our cabinetry and millwork projects are crafted in-house in the 75000 sq ft. climate controlled; state-of-the-art facility located in Chicago where the world of modern technology meets the world of master craftsmen. The advanced machinery that furnishes our shop is the most innovative and cutting edge in the world. Our CNC routers, beam saws and computer operated optimizing saws, as well as our latest sanders and automatic spraying machines flawlessly execute a wide range of functions fabricating high precision products. In addition, we are proud to do color matching and paint mixing in our very own color lab.


In our work, we employ Microvellum computer software technology for spatial modeling of all woodwork elements. The system enables us to design products that can be analyzed and converted to machine-ready products. In addition, the 3D visualization and architectural rendering that we offer help our clients to fully understand the design and functionality of our products.

Our carefully selected woods and domestic plywood are of highest quality. In order to achieve aesthetically pleasing results and ensure that the pattern of lines on the surface of the veneer aligns, we do continuous wood grain matching. We look for veneer with grain lines spaced equally apart and oriented in the same direction for our exquisite cabinetry.

The cabinet construction methods such as dado and rabbet, that we use in our work, ensure that our cabinetry can withstand the volume of heavy, modern materials such as stone and metal in combination with wood. In addition, to further elevate the quality and aesthetics of our products, we have introduced one inch thick cabinet doors and veneer center panel doors. These upgrades speak to the innovative spirit of our firm and continuous efforts to offer our clients unique product that will stand the test of time.

The true testament of our craft lies in the quality of our finish. All of the products that we use in our work not only protect the surface of the wood, but they enhance its look. The polyurethane finish that we commonly apply allows us to seal and coat the wood's surface, and protect it from damage. In addition, we make sure that the surface stays abrasion-resistant, the color remains consistent and the surface doesn't crack when temperature and air humidity change, to offer the longest life-span of our products.

All of our cabinets are fully assembled and inspected in our workshop, ahead of installation, to ensure that they reflect the highest industry standards and are ready to be transported to their final destination. We always strive to exceed your expectations.


The story of our cabinetry and millwork begins with the finest materials. We invite you to visit our workshop and examine our large selection of both common woods such as maple, walnut, or mahogany and more exotic species like bird's eye maple, figured Australian walnut, rosewood or ebony. We are certain you'll be captivated.